Our Company

Real fashion is the result of new trends, traditions, and manufacturing processes that aim at making people look good.

Fashion can be truly understood through continuous research to evaluate styles, materials, and design. This is the secret of Italian Stylistic Group.

Continuous international research adds up to over 30 years of experience in leather and metal crafting to create all-Italian belts and accessories.

Italian Stylistic Group has grown over the years and has increased its production capacity to ensure the highest efficiency in terms of creation of prototypes and collections.

Twice a year, the product development process is reflected in the launch of our new collections on the market. Style centres of international fashion houses can find all the elements to develop their brands in our collections.

Continuous addition of new samples and our ability to modify them according to the projects of the various fashion houses allow us to provide an efficient re-design service, as well as the creation of collection prototypes.

We serve the world’s most prestigious fashion houses, but we also have our own brands, Guido Angeloni and Devil’s Skin, which represent the highest expression of luxury and design research.

Italian Stylistic Group: international belts and accessories with an Italian heart.