Guido Angeloni
Private Label

Collections dedicated to the best international fashion houses.

Guido Angeloni

Belts and accessories inspired by extreme luxury with a classic twist.

Devil's Skin

New punk and new Goth belts, bags, and wallets.

Devil's Skin Limited Edition

The extreme luxury brand with limited edition items.



Italian Stylistic Group creates four leather belt and accessory collections and renews them twice a year with new additions according to the feedback from the fashion houses and the market.

Italian Stylistic Group products are all made in Italy, using the best leather from all over the world. The raw material we use (buckles, studs, threads, dyes, etc.) are also Italian-made.

The metal parts are hand finished, tumbled, routed, and chiselled to create belts and fashion accessories made by the skilful hands of our experts.

The “private label” line was created to serve Italian and international fashion houses with complete collections in terms of materials and finishes. This line covers several market segments, such as classic lines with traditional finishes, emerging trends, and avant-garde style.

The Guido Angeloni line targets the luxury and super luxury segments, maintaining classic cuts matched with fine materials and prestigious details.

The Devil’s Skin line is the expression of emerging avant-garde styles – such as new punk and Goth – in the high end of the market.

Devil’s Skin limited edition is even more exclusive: exceptional processes, such as the lost-wax casting technique to make one-of-a-kind buckles matched with luxurious materials.